Movie Review: Oblivion (2013)

Tom Cruise is at his action best in Oblivion, a visually-rich, yet smart sci-fi film.

Drawing from a vast pool of popular science fiction themes such as perceptions of reality and the concept of sui generis, the movie ties everything together through the character Jack Harper (Cruise). Harper is a service technician with two weeks left in his assignment and all he needs to do is make sure the machines he is maintaining do not blow up so he can go to his cushy place in space with his partner (Andrea Riseborough).

Of course, it never gets simple like that.

Harper, through a group led by Beech (Morgan Freeman), soon discovers that there's more to the life he has been living. And it gets more complicated when a woman from his past (Olga Kurylenko) drops in from outer space. I won't spoil the whole thing, but I do like how in a lot of times, the relationships and premise have more weight than the action.

Oblivion is well-plotted and very good sci-fi watching. Tom Cruise should just stick to making movies like these, if you ask me.

Rating: 4/5