Movie Review: The Croods (2013)

The Croods is a charming animated film about family and massive continental shifts, and the all the things in between.

At the heart of this film is acceptance of change and new ideas and in an era of cavepeople, new ideas are hard to come by. Grug (Nicolas Cage) has kept his family safe by holing in a cave at the first sight of danger, but when the world starts to shift, the Croods must move on and face their new environment. It doesn't help that the eldest daughter Eep (Emma Stone) is more than happy to push the boundaries with newfound friend Guy (Ryan Reynolds).

I found the design of this prehistoric world unique (which is far from what you'll see in archaeological museums)-- there are animals that are mashups of existing animals, like birds with turtle shells,  and elephants the size of mice. The film takes the audience in a journey from a barren cave to a plush world, and the visuals are just rich.

The Croods may well be 3D animation's answer to the Flintsones, but it's good to know it has the heart and humor to appeal to people of all ages.

Rating: 3.5/5