Movie Review: Skyfall (2012)

Is Skyfall the best James Bond movie?

Please, I don't even think it's the best "Daniel Craig as 007 Movie."

The James Bond franchise is coming to grips with the new era where the Super Spy genre may not be as relevant as it used to be and it Skyfall actually uses that premise as a plot device to pit James Bond (Daniel Craig) and his MI6 boss M (Judi Dench) against another cerebral villain (Javier Bardem) with links to M's past. The action is standard fare Bond, and the finale is emotionally powerful, but still a disappointment.

What I like about the film though is the homage to the previous James Bond films. Those references were a great way to link this film to the franchise's 50-year history and even gives it a soft reboot. I would have hoped to see more innovative action scenes, but I guess the producers are saving that for the next film.

Skyfall may not be the best James Bond movie, but it delivers the goods in a nice package.

Rating: 3.5/5