Movie Review: Killing Them Softly (2012)

Brad Pitt in an action-drama typically evokes a positive reaction for most people (Remember Fight Club?) But Killing Them Softly is just a huge bore that I'm reconsidering my gut reactions to Pitt films.

Amidst the backdrop of the first Barack Obama presidential term and an American economy spiraling into the tubes, Killing Them Softly looks at the mob and organized crime as a business and how strategy, bureaucracy, and the bottom line take precedence. Typically, this is not a good set-up for an action film, but it sets the motion for the dramatic turns.

Pitt doesn't do enough to carry this film above the draggy plot and meandering direction. I mean, half way through the movie, I'm still figuring out what the movie was going to be about. It's a thinking man's film for sure, but it's definitely gone to the "too deep to appreciate" zone.

Killing Them Softly has the style to satisfy most film aficionados, but to a lot of people watching this movie is like a slow screech to dreariness.

Rating: 2/5