Movie Review: Seven Psychopaths (2012)

Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, and Christopher Walken lead the cast of Seven Psychopaths, a film that is far from simple and a bit twisted as its title.

The movie is about a screenwriter (Farrell) who gets caught up in a dog kidnapping scheme operated by his best friend (Rockwell) and a mysterious figure (Walken). Things were just dandy until the dognappers take a mob boss's pet shih tzu and the trio hide in the desert until the big finale. I know it sounds pretty straightforward, but the movie is full of layers, from the meta self-references (a movie within a movie), to the characters (Walken comes off as creepy and likeable at the same time) and the relationships among the lead characters.

People who are film fans will get to appreciate the stuff Martin McDonagh (of In Bruges fame) in the movie and it even satires the action movie genre for a bit. There's enough humor and action to keep the film going till the end.

Seven Psychopath may seem like a film that has Attention Deficit Disorder-- it goes into many directions but ultimately finishes with a soft landing. This is a film for serious movie lovers who want 109 minutes of good cinema.

Rating: 4/5