Movie Review: Jeff, Who Lives at Home (2011)

Jeff, Who Lives at Home is a movie that draws a lot from M. Night Shyamalan's Signs. But despite the derivation, it's a pretty unique film in its own right.

Jeff Thompkin (Jason Segel) is thirty-year old pothead stuck in a rut. He lives with his mother (Susan Sarandon), doesn't have a job, and has a fatalistic mindset about his own life. Is is his sense of destiny (which is inspired by the movie Signs) that kicks off a series of events that lead to him finding a clearer direction of what he will be.

While heart-warming towards the end, the film is very light on comedy, despite the presence of Segel and Ed Helms as Jeff's brother. The film's scale is pretty small (it's set in Baton Rouge, Louisiana) and the economy of characters give it a more intimate feel. But it's too bad that the movie stalls and meanders a bit before the finale.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home is film that, as Jeff describes Signs, gets better the next time you watch it again. I'm not so sure though is people will give it that chance.

Rating: 3/5