Movie Review: The Hunger Games (2012)

If The Hunger Games franchise is the new teen movie franchise du jour, good news for everyone: It's more Harry Potter than Twilight.

This edgy film has a wide-arcing story touches on a variety of topics like politics, mass entertainment, and social divide and features a very strong acting turn by Jennifer Lawrence. The film is unforgiving with a two and a half hour running time, but it's justified. It takes its time in setting up the film's premise, building up to the pageantry of the Hunger Games, and then to the winner-take-all showdown among a group of teens.

I felt that director Gary Ross (Big, Seabiscuit) didn't take the easy way of making sure everyone in the film's motivations are clear and created characters that people will cheer for. Jennifer Lawrence fits the female action movie mold and turned out to be a very good choice to play Katniss Everdeen.

The Hunger Games is a very good start to the franchise and my wife (who has read the book) says that it's as good as the book could get in a film adaptation. This film is a winner.

Rating: 4/5

Note: The film has scenes depicting teens killing each other, political unrest, and poverty. I recommend parents watching this film with young children, given the hype surrounding The Hunger Games

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