Movie Review: Friends with Kids (2011)

Look at the actors in Friends with Kids: John Hamm; Maya Rudolph; Kirsten Wiig; Chris O'Dowd; Adam Scott; and Jennifer Westfeldt.

The list is very impressive, especially with two-thirds of them just came off Bridesmaids success. But the final cut was a tipped towards the wrong pair of characters. (Hint: they were the actors that weren't in Bridesmaids.)

Don't get me wrong-- the story is very timely and the dialogue is snappy and sincere, but after a good start and a trajectory that pointed towards something original, it went to a very familiar place where rom-coms tread.

Friends with Kids would have been much, much better if the leads characters outside Adam Scott and Jennifer Westfeldt were utilized better. But if you're a thirty-something looking for a comedy you can relate to, this film deserves to be in your to-do list.

Rating: 3/5


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