Movie Review: War Horse (2011)

War is a theme that director Steven Spielberg that has touched in the past (Empire of the Sun, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan), and War Horse is the first one that features a non-human as the lead character. But film is powerful, nonetheless.

War Horse follows the journey of a thoroughbred named Joey that becomes the involved in the lives of people in World War-torn Europe. From becoming an unlikely workhorse to a battle-tested war horse, Joey rises above the challenges .

The film deftly shows how war is complete chaos and what makes this a feel good story is how one thing still stands amidst the craziness and violence. But with a running time of two and a half hours, it's quite far from being a derby.

War Horse is a great story that wrenches folks' guts before closing in an uplift way. It may not be the best film of the year, but it jumps over most of the films of 2011.

Rating: 4/5