Movie Review: Shame (2011)

Shame is a provocative film by Steve McQueen about a man and his sex addiction. And as you may expect, it's very, very graphic.(It received an NC-17 rating in the US, and 18A in Canada).

Micheal Fassbender plays Brandon, an executive living in downtown New York with a dirty secret. He indulges himself in a variety of sex acts, ranging from self-gratification with pornography to paying escorts for intimate relations. But once his troubled sister Sissy (played by Carey Mulligan), drops by for a surprise visit, Brandon is triggered to spiral further deep into his addiction.

This film has two things going for it: Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan. The two have irresistible performances as flawed siblings make the film watchable despite the slower than normal pace and drawn-out sequences. I know this may sound weird, but despite the sexual underpinnings of the film, Shame goes down to being what family is all about.

To appreciate Shame is to go beyond the graphic scenes and the amount of skin shown.

Rating: 3.5/5

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