Movie Review: The Grey (2012)

There are a very films that make me go saying "Ugh" over and over after watching and The Grey is one of them.

The Joe Carnahan-helmed survival action movie is visceral and gripping, relying on a pack of wolves and the harsh cold to create tension in the story. Liam Neeson is bad-ass and stoic as he plays a wolf sniper (yep, a wolf sniper) that leads a group of oil drillers get out of the frigid Alaskan wilderness alive. Once the story goes past the plane crash, it becomes a grueling ordeal to watch. I have to give brownie points to one character in the movie that made a reference to "Alive" (the 1993 survival film).

I like the twist at the end of the film that could be seen as an allegory to man's quest to go through life but the ending was just unsatisfying. After making me root for the plane crash survivors, I expected a little bit more.

Despite the ending, The Grey is one heck of a survival story.

Rating: 3/5

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