Movie Review: Chronicle (2012)

Chronicle is probably the superhero sic-fi movie of 2012 because it has the sensibilities and angst of the YouTube video-sharing youth.

Set in Seattle, this film uses the "lost video tape" technique to show how the events unfolded when three teenagers mysteriously gain telekinetic powers and deal with their new found abilities. We all know Spider-man's "With great power comes great responsibility" schtick, but this film makes it more fleshed-out.

What I like about Chronicle is that it got the best of the "superhero with problems" genre and not making it look like "Smallville." What makes it more amazing is that this is director Josh Trank's Hollywood debut. I can just imagine if he did something with the more established superheroes like Spider-Man.

Some will relegate Chronicle as a gimmicky film and a Blair Witch Project clone, but I think it was able to do something fresh that I would't mind sharing to friends.

Rating: 4.5/5

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