Movie Review: Take Shelter (2011)

Take Shelter is a drama about an impending threat, although it is unclear if that threat is real or not.

Michael Shannon plays Curtis, an Ohio man who does his best Noah impression by building a storm shelter after he had visions of a violent tempest sweeping his town. His family and neighbors cope with his seemingly irrational behavior and Curtis himself becomes a threat to his town.

I can't say that this film is a psychological drama because there's not much delving into Curtis' psyche but it's how he deals with his visions of doom and his paranoia that grips the audience. Michael Shannon makes the film his own and that can be a good and bad thing-- he's at his best when he goes ballistic but pretty unremarkable everywhere else.

Take Shelter may be too slow a burn for casual film fans but if you'd like to see an acclaimed performance by an actor, this film is not run away from.

Rating: 3/5