Movie Review: The Descendants (2011)

Despite the mild buzz generated by the film, The Descendants is a simple story of a man coping with what he had lost and what he's about to lose.

There's nothing fancy about this film by Alexander Payne (Sideways)-- the plot is neither complex nor clever, but it's glued together by George Clooney. Playing Matt King, a wealthy man who is in the middle of nuclear and extended family turning points, Clooney comes up with a moving performance. Could this be his ticket to the Academy Awards? I'm still over the fence, but it's his best shot since Up In The Air.

The film does have a few unexpected moments, but it its intensity level never really reaches the high registers. But it does wrap up nicely, in a way that it will make the audience feeling good enough.

The Descendants is an acting vehicle primarily and a showcase of Clooney's acting talents. Folks looking for a steady watch can sit back and enjoy this film.

Rating: 3/5