Movie Review: 50/50 (2011)

You're young, active, and risk-averse. What would you do if you find out you have a life-threatening disease?

This is what 50/50 is all about-- how a person, played  by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, copes with cancer and how the people around him rise and falter to his situation. This light-drama-comedy is heart-warming, earnest, and touching, so it's great that there's enough funny banter between the leads (Levitt and Seth Rogen) to make it even more satisfying.

Similar to the sick-person love story Love and Other Drugs, this film plays on a person's mortality and sickness to generate emotion. The difference is that this movie also includes how family and friends deal with a tough illness.

50/50 could have stretched the premise too mediocrity, but the end result is a sweet and smart dramedy.

Rating: 4.5/5