Movie Review: No Other Woman (2011)

I was pleasantly surprised with No Other Woman-- I thought that the simple and straightforward story wouldn't be as enjoyable to watch, but I was proven wrong.

To emphasize, the story about marital infidelity is as vanilla as they come. Ram (Derek Ramsay) and Charmaine (Cristine Reyes) have been happily married until Ram has an affair with Kara (Anne Curtis), a rich heiress who takes her flings lightly. Things get complicated when Ram and Cara get more serious and Charmaine becomes more and more suspicious. The whole situation builds up to a dramatic confrontation where all of them must make tough choices.

If you ask me, the movie is made watchable by Anne Curtis, who was a perfect fit for the role of Kara. In stark contrast, Cristine Reyes is a miscast as the "boring" housewife. (Cristine Reyes was FHM Philippines Sexiest Woman last year). I also can't wrap my mind around Derek Ramsay's character-- if you have a wife who is caring and pretty, why cheat? It didn't make sense to me.

No Other Woman, if taken lightly, can be a great watch. It's sexy, with a pinch of humor (thanks to Carmi Martin) and good enough drama. Not a bad offering from Star Cinema and Viva Films.

Rating: 3.5/5