Movie Review: One Day (2011)

One Day is one of those films that break your heart. It's steady and constant, though it rarely sets off sparks.

The concept of the narrative is pretty unique. Geek girl Emma (Anne Hathaway) and heartthrob Dexter (Jim Sturges) have a chance encounter during their graduation. What follows is a decades-long friendship marked by romantic tension, happiness, and missed opportunities. The events shown in the film happens on the same day every year.

This spotty episodic treatment leaves a lot for the audience to piece together what happened, but if you ask me, I found the execution acceptable. The over-all acting of the cast is great, but the relatively bland romantic angle and the miscasting of Anne Hathaway are the jagged edges of this otherwise polished film.

And it's really too bad because One Day has a (500) Days of Summer vibe to it, but it fails to rise above its flaws. Moreover, it just breaks your heart.

Rating: 3/5