Movie Review: Larry Crowne (2011)

Larry Crowne is light in many ways: it's a light drama with a light-hearted story. The bad part is that it's also light weight.

Directed and top-billed by Tom Hanks, the film is about transformation and turning things around. Normally, this is the stuff Oscar winners are made of, but Hanks decides to tone down everything, from the gravity of the conflict and the romantic angle between his eponymous character and his professor (played by Julia Roberts). Larry Crowne is an earnest guy, but he's not Forrest Gump.

After watching the film, you'll be left wondering why I you did not root for Larry and found his challenges trivial. In the context of the bad American economy, this should  have resonatde with folks who are in a financial bind, but I feel it did not.

If I were to grade this film's report card, Larry Crowne gets a grade that needs remedial classes.

Rating: 2/5

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