Movie Review: Final Destination 5 (2011)

The last time I caught a Final Destination movie, it was on 2000, when the very first film came out. Eleven year later, with Final Destination 5, the film doesn't add much to the film franchise's concept except for one major thing: 3D.

Yup, if there's any reason for folks to catch this movie, it's the 3D.

There's something ├╝bernasty about watching blood and gore splattering with 3D glasses on. My reaction (as well as the other watching the film) was just strong and emphatic. Director Steve Quale also takes full advantage of the audience's anticipation of when the next gory scene will be.

If you ask me, Final Destination 5 is perfect for groups who want a heck of a time grimacing and cringing. 

Rating: 3/5