Movie Review: Forever and a Day (2011)

Finally! A Filipino mainstream film that takes risks!

Cathy Garcia-Molina's Forever and a Day takes a route that recent local releases like Catch Me... I'm In Love would never, ever tread. Here are some of the fresh turns the film makes:

  • No cute KC Concepcion! - KC has made a living out of playing cute characters but she pulls of a watchable performance as a semi-depressed person. This is her only film so far that she moved me. Risk rewarded!
  • First person perspective shots - Cinematography puts the viewers in interesting angles, especially in the action shots in the exciting zip lines and white water rafting scenes. Risk rewarded again!
  • Sam Milby - The weak link in the movie, if you ask me. Failed to make people root for him. Risk failed.
  • Bittersweet ending - Yes, the film takes a break from the happy-shmappy Filipino formula. This I will say: the person beside me in the theater was in tears after the film. Risk rewarded!
I recommend Forever and a Day to folks who are tired of the typical and shallow films the major local studios have been churning out this year. It took a lot of risks, and I think the risks paid off (except for Sam Milby).

Rating: 3.5/5

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