Movie Review: In The Name of Love (2011)

In The Name of Love is an impressive film that breaks the mold of most Filipino films as of late.

The Olivia Lamasan-helmed drama is quite heavy and tackles mature themes such as dirty politics and drug trafficking, but it's well-crafted and I saw that there was an effort to go to a level most local releases do not tread. The love story's triangle featuring Aga Mulach, Angel, Locsin, and Jake Cuenca and a plot twist are quite complex and may confuse some viewers.

My main beef with the film is the lack of on-screen chemistry between the two main characters, Aga Mulach and Angel Locsin. Mulach is simply too old for his leading lady, who I think gained a few extra pounds to look more mature for the role. I really had a hard time believing the two were a pair.

If you ask me, In The Name of Love could have been better if it took a more bitter route towards the end, but the film stays true to its Filipino blockbuster roots (the requisite schmaltzy ending). Nonetheless, the movie is a good watch for being different enough.

Rating: 3.5