Movie Review: Hall Pass (2011)

I'm sure there a lot of married men who would like to have a Hall Pass-- a week away from being married and free to live a life of singlehood. The Farrelly Brothers take a humorous crack on what will happen if a couple guys from Rhode Island get their respective Hall Passes.

Owen Wilson plays Rick, a happily-married husband and father to three children. He is dorky and well-meaning, but his obsession with the opposite sex leads his wife (Jenna Fischer) to give him a week off from marriage with no strings attached. His friend Fred joins Rick (Jason Sudeikis) in his week of supposed debauchery, but things don't exactly turn out the way they expected it.

The film is classic Farrelly Brothers material-- the humor is gross and crass, with the most hilarious scenes involving bodily fluids. The directors do try to be more sensitive and the moral of the story is pro-marriage, but viewers will go out of the theater talking about the gags more than the meager story.

Hall Pass will generate laughs and shocks in the theater, but will not register on the memorability meter. It barely passes in my books simple because I appreciate the Farrellys' sense of humor and attempt to make a borderline chick flick.

Rating: 2.5/5

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