Movie Review: Catch Me... I'm In Love (2011)

Sarah Geronimo has definitely mastered the art of the Filipina romantic. In Catch Me... I'm In Love, she effortlessly pulls off the "I've never had a boyfriend ever, but I'm willing to wait it out" schtick. This time she's paired with Gerald Anderson, who is also a veteran on these romances from Star Cinema.

I guess it's the pairing of these young stars that makes the tired plot of "girl who ends up with the most eligible bachelor in the city" seem a little fresh. There's really nothing in the story that most viewers have not seen before in a rom-com-- except that there's a sever lack of humor in this movie. Also, romantic sparks are thinly spread in the movie that will disappoint a lot of the viewers.

I also want to take this chance to call out Star Cinema. In the theater I watched the film, the ticket price was much higher than most movies (by 50%!). Yes, this is the only Filipino movie showing right now and being the only show in town means you're a virtual monopoly (thus able to dictate the price as you please).

For a movie with no originality and only a few genuine "kilig" (romantic/warm,fuzzy) moments, Catch Me... I'm In Love qualifies as a rip-off by my standards. But since it stars Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson, and it's the only local movie showing in the major cinemas, this is the movie we Filipinos deserve and will queue up for.

Rating: 1.5/5