Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

I'll be honest right off the bat. My initial sense of The Adjustment Bureau's concept was of cynicism. I said to myself: "Everything's now run by a bureaucracy, even fate!" But after watching the movie, I pretty much had a change of heart.

The film stars Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, who are out to defy the plan that has been laid out for them. The team in charge of correcting any deviations is the eponymous Adjustment Bureau, a mysterious and powerful organization that has powers beyond human capabilities. The bureau is not perfect though-- they are still stumped by random chance, something that works in favor of the film's star-crossed lovers.

The moral of the film seems to be of controlling your own destiny. Even when things seem to be planned out for you, you have the power and free will to chart your own path. This is not something new, but given the context of an all-powerful organization, it makes for an interesting film.

The Adjustment Bureau is a high-concept film that makes some trade-offs in the story to reduce the complexity and avoid Inception-level confusion. Fans of Philip K. Dick's work will appreciate this film as one of the better movie versions of the author's works.

Rating: 3/5