Movie Review: The Tourist (2010)

There are a few films out there that looks better than The Tourist-- The Venetian backdrop, the glamorous atmosphere, and of course, the lovely Angelina Jolie contribute to make the film easy on the eyes.

But as an action movie that's supposed to thrive on intrigue and tension, the film needs a boost of espresso. Johnny Depp lazily mails in a performance as an American caught in a web of criminals and cops. Angelina Jolie and Depp seem to lack the chemistry early on, but this, the way I see it, is by design. I won't spoil the film, but this film blooms late, especially in the romance angle.

The other actors in the film are also notable, particularly Paul Bettany and Timothy Dalton. These two bring a James Bond-like feel to the movie, despite its light weight.

The Tourist is an easy to like film that will blow people away with its looks.

Rating: 3/5

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