Movie Review: Hereafter (2010)

"Living a life around death is not a life at all"

That's what Matt Damon's character said in the movie Hereafter and this applies to the three main story threads in the film.

First is George Lonegan (Matt Damon). He's a former professional psychic who has the ability to communicate with the deceased. Second is Marie LeLay (Cecile De France), a popular French journalist who has a near-deat experience. Last is Marcus (Frankie/George McLaren), a poor kind based in London who loses someone close to him. After a series of events, fate brings all of them together because of death.

Director Clint Eastwood gives the film polish and and a somber treatment. The film's theme is death, thus there's a lot of very depressing scenes, especially ones involving George and Marcus. Anyone who had suffered a similar loss will surely empathize with most of the characters.

What bothers me though is the rather weak ending. The film takes an almost 180-degree turn from the great, but depressing set-up, and goes to new territory all of a sudden. For some people, this will work and will be seen ad Eastwood's way of going against the norms.

Hereafter is a very affecting film-- it's far from melodramatic, but it will surely make most viewers pull out their hankies.

Rating: 4/5