's Top 10 Movies of 2010

There were lots of nice films this 2010 but I've managed to compile's Top 10 Movies of 2010.

Dominating this year's list are strong drama films that had great stories and well-acted performances. Five movies belonged to that group. (Quick note: Although Up In the Air and The Blind Side were released last year in the US, I added them in this list since I only watched this year).

Inception took the top spot, followed by the wonderful Toy Story 3 and what could be this generation's defining movie, The Social Network. All these movies got a 5/5 rating.

Notably absent in this list are romantic comedies. Last year, (500) Days of Summer took the top spot.

Here's my list of the Top 10 Movies of 2010

1. Inception

Inception is the best action thriller of the year thus far and is a must-watch, even if it swirls viewers into a mind-melting experience. "WHOA!" indeed.

2. Toy Story 3

Pixar has not shown any signs of slippage since releasing Ratatouille in 2007. Wall-E and Up were great follow-ups and Toy Story 3 is another winner. Clearly, this is one of the best computer-generated movies of this generation.

3. The Social Network
The Social Network will be "Liked" by a lot of people, but film and Facebook fans will rave about it. 

4. The Town
Is The Town worthy to be in the Oscars discussions this soon? Yes, if you ask me. I see Oscar nominations for Ben Affleck and Rebecca Hall. Book it.
5. Up In The Air
Up in the Air is a sad and funny movie that reminds us that change doesn't have to come in a good little package, whether it's getting fired from work, industry shake-ups, and meeting people that will change your outlook in life.

6. Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2 is a solid summer movie that will be labeled as one of the summer's biggest blockbusters, but it took the safe route to forge the status of the film franchise.

7. The American
I left the theater affected and with good reason-- The American succeeds in setting up the mood and atmosphere.

8. Date Night
Date Night is a movie I'll recommend to any one who'd like to be blown away by great comedy.

9. Despicable Me
Despicable Me is fun movie that the family will love and enjoy. A definite must-see. :)

10. The Blind Side
The Blind Side is an easy to like drama sprinkled with enough comedy, but it lacks true tension to really put it in the elite class of sports dramas. For me, it does score a huge touchdown as a film, albeit in the semi-pro leagues.