Movie Review: Till My Heartaches End (2010)

I'm going to say it: Till My Heartaches End is the end of the KIMERALD tandem.

By KIMERALD, I'm referring to the Kim Chiu-Gerald Anderson team-up that movie fans saw debut at I've Fallen For You, then greatly improve at Paano Na Kaya? It's just too bad that the two are hitting their stride film-wise when their pairing is coming to an end.

In a lot of ways, the movie is an allegory to the real-life pairing of the two: The two leads are apparently brought together by destiny, then each find success in their respective fields, then life gets in the way, with the guys seeing the girl as deadweight to his career. Likewise, our female lead can't be successful unless she cuts her ties with the guy. What then happens after is an ending most people will be wondering about.

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson have gone a long way from the awkward teenagers in their first outing to this pair very comfortable on camera. Till My Heartaches End is a perfect swan song, albeit a tune a lot of people have heard before.

Rating: 3/5