Movie Review: Easy A (2010)

I really don't want to say that Easy A is "The Scarlet Letter" of the Facebook Generation.

Yes, there are lots of references to the book (and even the 1995 Demi Moore movie), not to mention themes of ostracism and chastity, but it ends there. This is basically a movie about the pressures of having a great reputation in high school and the lengths people would get to achieve it.

Wait, isn't that what all the other high school teen movies are all about? To a certain extent, yes, but Easy A takes a different take on it, not to mention taking the high road of not preaching anything and leaving the value judgments to the viewing folks. Is virginity sacred? Is teen sex cool? It's up to you to decide.

Emma Stone is wonderful in the movie, and this could pave the way for meatier roles in the future. She showed in the film that she has the potential to be a screen darling that females and males will find likable. She was cool in Zombieland, here, she's just a pure joy to watch.

Easy A is great date movie and girls night out flick. I grade this film with an A-.

Rating: 3.5

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