Movie Review: The Other Guys (2010)

If you took "The Odd Couple" formula with the "Buddy Cop" formula and jumbled them together, the resulting movie would be The Other Guys.

Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) is a pencil pusher and Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg) is a disgraced hot-head. Branded as police misfits, the two are at the bottom of the police food chain until the opportunity to step-up comes about. Unfortunately for the two, their lack of field experience in the last few years prove to be a huge stumbling block for them. (Which causes a lot of funny moments).

Director Adam McKay has worked with Will Ferrell in the past (most recently Step Brothers), and the movement seems to be going to a more restrained, yet packing the same comic oomph with these two. I think their intent was to not go over the top in the action and physical comedy and going for wittier dialogue. And it works most of the time.

The Other Guys is a solid cop movie that bucks the formula a bit, but will leave you wanting for a little bit more.

Rating: 3.5/5


PS. Wait for the full credits the end for some easter eggs.