Movie Review: Going the Distance (2010)

Sometimes, taking the simplest approach will make a romantic comedy work-- no elaborate concept, no finely-woven story; just some good old characters and a believable predicament. Going the Distance takes that route.

Erin (Drew Barrymore) and Garrett (Justin Long) surprisingly take a six-week whirlwind romance into the relationship-level but they live in the opposite coasts of the United States. They eventually pull the trigger and decide to make their relationship long distance. While both of them want to be with the other, their respective careers prevent them. The film spends the next hour and a half showing how the two resolve this seemingly simple issue: Should one drop all his/her career and goals to be with a loved one?

On-screen chemistry between the leads is definitely there and they pull it off with ease. The movie also does well with the supporting characters (like Garrett's bros and Erin's older sister) and the funny dialogue. Just a little bit of warning: the themes explored in the film are rather mature and there's a lot of cussing from the characters (Erin included).

Going the Distance is great date movie and I really liked it a lot, despite its wobbly ending and edginess not found in most rom-coms. If you ask me, twenty-somethings and above will really like this movie.

Rating: 4/5