Movie Review: Devil (2010)

With Devil, M. Night Shyamalan has taken a step in the right creative direction.

Although he is not the director, Shyamalan is the writer of this story where we see five people trapped in an elevator and one of them is the Devil out to torment the rest.

The film a little short on genuine scares as a horror movie, but I think it does succeed in giving a satisfying "whodunit" experience. (Seriously, I was guessing till the last act who was the Devil in human form.) Director John Erick Dowdle and cinematographer Tak Fujimoto stretched the barebones production into something pretty decent and taut.

After monster duds like Lady in the Water and the Last Airbender, I think Devil is a promising start to the new trilogy Shyamalan is writing and producing.

Rating: 3/5