Movie Review: Mamarazzi (2010)

Third time is not a charm with comedienne Eugene Domingo.

After leading roles in gems like Here Comes the Bride and Kimmy Dora, Mamarazzi is a real stinker. Ms. Domingo tried to dredge the dumb plot, almost idiotic dialogue, and bad acting in the film but she wasn't able to keep the show afloat.

The story can be summarized in a sentence: Violy, a mom of triplets who works as a make-up artist for corpses, comically struggles with the return of a past lover as she has to deal with the jealousy of her gay best friend and confusion of her kids. Of course there are subplots like the love lives of Violy's kids but they don't really make things interesting. If you ask me, the subplots just add cringe-worthy moments.

My sense is that unlike her past movies where the gags are integral to the film's plot, Mamarazzi is just a mishmash of gags and cheap laughs. It doesn't help that the majority of the supporting cast is a bunch of newbies looking for a break.  Newcomers Andi Eigenmann and Carla Abellana are captivating on-screen but they need much improvement in the film acting area.

In my opinion, Mamarazzi is a poorly conceived and executed comedy film. Complete with the song-and-dance routine in the middle of the movie, it's a throwback 1980's Regal Films movie-- all fluff and no substance.

Rating: 1.5/5

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