Movie Review: Killers (2010)

A lot of people sa marriage is a hard thing, but what happens when you're being targeted by assassins left and right, along with your in-laws? That's the premise of Killers and the producers of the film think it's funny enough to make it into a full-length film.

But after watcing for more than an hour and a half, I was left wondering how a movie like this ever got made.

On paper, the tandem of Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl (of Knocked Up fame) looks dynamite. However, the film doesn't let them jell and the movie just becomes a tedious exercise of waiting for the next funny scene (that eventually never came). It's really too bad because the movie started of superbly with a great location in Nice, France and a cute introduction of the two protagonists. After that, it went all kaput.

Action-Rom-Coms have been pulled off successfully in the past (Date Night, Mr. & Mrs. Smith) and somewhere in the film is a great idea that was killed by, well, Killers.

Rating: 1/5

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