Movie Review: Here Comes The Bride (2010)

It's good to be blogging about movies again! I got married and was on vacation for almost a month and what a perfect way to get back in the blogging groove by reviewing a movie about a wedding.

Here Comes The Bride is a comedy about trading places-- five characters are on their way to a wedding when a (super)natural event causes them to switch bodies. Angelica Panganiban, Eugene Domingo, Tuesday Vargas, John Lapus, and Jaime Fabregas play the five seemingly flawed characters that for different reasons complemented the flaw of another person. The movie gets its funny moments from the mismatch and role reversals due to the body/soul switching. It also helps that Eugene Domingo and John Lapus brought their "A" game.

Helmed by the talented Chris Martinez (writer of Kimmy Dora: Kambal Sa Kiyeme and director/writer of 100), the movie shows that Filipino comedy can go beyond slapstick and toilet humor. There may be a lot of rough edges in the production and really unbelievable situations (like how come it took them such a long time to figure things out?), but the actors and their performances take the limelight. This film may be Angelica Panganiban's steady (but a little awkward) break into comedy films.

The talent of the cast and the creative folks behind the movie is reason enough to watch Here Comes The Bride. I, for one, am glad that there's a nice Filipino film this year that's not titled after a pop song.

Rating: 4/5