Movie Review: Valentine's Day (2010)

Talk about a star-studded movie!

Valentine's Day features an A-list cast of Hollywood stars (Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway, Topher Grace, and Bradley Cooper) and one could only wonder how director Garry Marshall would be able to juggle them in two hours.

If you ask me, Marshall was able to do a nice job of interweaving the different story threads, although each of them are pretty thin. The stories of the film represent different aspects of romantic love-- from puppy love, teenage "crazy" love, adult "compromising" love, and love from the unlikely places. At the end of the movie, I'm sure some folks will feel the syrupy love overload, but I'm also sure that there will be more people who will be very satisfied with the feel good romances and few surprises.

While the film zings the commercialism of Valentine's Day (a flower shop figures prominently in the story), it ultimately says that love is best when it is expressed. With the star power and easy to like stories, Valentine's Day is great date movie.

Rating: 4/5


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