Movie Review: Cop Out (2010)


Director Kevin Smith (Mallrats, Zack and Miri Make a Porno) got the green light from big studios and he came up with Cop Out, one of funniest buddy cop movies in recent memory.

For an action movie, the action is quite light. No huge explosions, no massive gunfights-- definitely modest production values. However, the movie is a heavyweight when it comes to witty banter and physical comedy. Tracy Morgan (of 30 Rock fame) is able to migrate his "Tracy Jordan" appeal into the big screen and Bruce Willis is the perfect foil to the zany antics of Morgan.

The plot seems culled from a sitcom: After the two cops get suspended, they get entangled with a drug trafficking synicate and the two end up breaking the law (with comic results) to stop the drug lords. But in true Kevin Smith fashion, there are lots of swearing, low-brow jokes, and interesting subtle twists. That by itself is not good, but the film the film is executed almost perfectly that it will click with the males. One FTW: Mallrats star Jason Lee has a small part in the movie. :D

Cop Out is a homage to the funny buddy cop movies and is best for guys after a night of drinks or male bonding.

Rating: 3/5

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