Movie Review: Tooth Fairy (2010)

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson continues his quest to be the poor man's Arnold Schwarzenegger with Tooth Fairy, a likable fish-out-of-water family comedy.

Similar to the formula of The Game Plan, Johnson is Derek "Tooth Fairy" Thompson, a muscle-bound jerk who turns over a new leaf after going through a life-altering event. In this film, the life-altering event is him wearing ballet outfits and growing fairy wings as the mythical Tooth Fairy. There is comedy in seeing him don silly outfits and doing fairy jokes, but the premise can only be stretched to a point.

Having said that, the movie adds two subplots to fluff the movie up: one involving a wingless British fairy and Derek's relationship with his girlfriend (played by Ashley Judd) and her family. The movie is contemporary in several levels because it shows the "Replacement Dad/Husband" in a casual way and it makes several references to economic and fiscal difficulties. One more thing: Billy Crystal makes a nice cameo as a

Tooth Fairy is safe family entertainment with a handful of good gags to keep the children giggling. The film starts well but the magic fades abruptly midway, like a kid realizing there's really no tooth fairy.

Rating: 2/5