Movie Review: Paano Na Kaya (2010)

Paano Na Kaya (How Will It Be) is the first major Filipino film release for 2010 and it's a good start for producer Star Cinema and its mother company, ABS-CBN.

But let me get this out of the way first: Kim Chiu is gradually priming herself to be one of the important actresses of this generation as her comfort level with film material is getting better (even though she was forgettable in I Love You, Goodbye). Her performance in this film shows glimpses of a screen presence Filipino moviegoers would always want to see.

Now back to the review: Paano Na Kaya is a contemporary love story of twenty-something entrepreneurs Mae Chua (Kim Chiu) and Bogs Marasigan (Gerald Anderson). Mae is the quintessential best friend who is secretly in love with Bogs. When Bogs suddenly becomes available, Mae finds herself in a position she's always longed for but not without strings attached. Is she in a rebound romance or is it for real?

The film is quite long (almost two hours) and it seems that the studio wants to make the most out of the on-screen chemistry between Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. Plus, those pseudo-fast forward sequences in the film where the story moves on while a theme song is playing is quite annoying. (They used it three times in the movie). The film started out great, especially in the "unrequited love" parts, but after that, it goes downhill.

There's nothing in Paano Na Kaya that people haven't seen before, but it seems fresh with Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. "Kimerald" fans will definitely love this crowd-pleaser of a film.

Rating: 3/5