Movie Review: The Blind Side (2009)

The Blind Side may well be regarded as Sandra Bullock's best acting vehicle in her career. But as a movie, how does it score a touch down?

The film is about the rise of Michael Oher (played by Quinton Aaron) from an outsider from the projects into a football star. His struggles are brought about by his dysfunctional family life and poverty, his life turns around when he meets Leigh Ann and Sean Touhy (played by Bullock and Tim McGraw respectively), a rich couple who takes the troubled teen under their care. The rest of the story revolves around Michael's adjustment to his new family and environment, as well as overcoming academic hurdles to play NCAA Division 1 football.

The story is very straightforward and rather simplistic (a troubled teen reaches his potential and overcomes his initial handicap), but it has emotional hooks that will draw viewers to like it. It shares a common DNA with Jerry Maguire, another film about football and drama/comedy. Also, Quinton Aaron tries his darned best to look pitiful at times, but thanks to Sandra Bullock's performance, his deficiencies can be easily ignored.

The Blind Side is an easy to like drama sprinkled with enough comedy, but it lacks true tension to really put it in the elite class of sports dramas. For me, it does score a huge touchdown as a film, albeit in the semi-pro leagues.

Rating: 4/5