Movie Review: I Love You, Goodbye (2009)

Star Cinema's entry to the 35th Metro Manila Film Festival, I Love You, Goodbye, is a story about love triangles and uneven love.

The main love triangle features Angelica Panganiban's character (Lizelle) being torn between an old flame (Gary played by Derek Ramsey) and an older, but kinder lover (Adrian played by Gabby Concepcion). This mix gets a little more complicated as Adrian's daughter (played by Kim Chiu) tries to get the affection of Gary. Director Laurice Guillen does great work here with a mix of non-linear story-telling and good pacing of the story. She also makes the Derek Ramsey-Angelica Panganiban pairing work on screen very well.

However, there are two things that don't work well for me in this movie. First is the (mis)casting of Kim Chiu. She is supposed to be the daughter of a character played by Angel Aquino and Gabby Concepcion! Apart from the physical misfit, Kim Chiu's bratty acting looks out of place in the well-acted film. Second is the ending. Yes, as great as the film is, the ending did not work for me. Let's just say it was treading a tension-filled path then makes a complete 180 to a sappy ending.

I Love You, Goodbye may not go home as the best film award in the film festival (as the Best Picture award is given to the highest-grossing movie). But from what I'm seeing, I think it's the best-crafted movie in the lot.

Rating: 3/5

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