Movie Review: Ded na si Lolo (Grandpa Is Dead) (2009)

I felt bad when I missed the initial screening of Ded na si Lolo (Grandpa is Dead) earlier this year. I felt even more bad when the film ended up a the Philippine's representative to the 2009 Oscars. So you could imagine my delight when the film was released again at the SM Cinemas.

The movie is about a family and their drama when the patriarch dies. There's also a mix of humor in the story as each of the family members have distinct characterizations (like the stingy family member, the gay family member, the loud mouth, you get the picture) and their interactions and banter fuel the comedy. The movie is a also a humorous commentary on the often confusing customs and superstitions surrounding wakes and funerals in the Philippines.

My only misgiving about this film is the sit-com like feel of it-- it sometimes dips into physical humor to get the laugh. Moreover, the production values are quite lacking.

But nonetheless, Ded na si Lolo is a deceptively smart film that has its share of laughs and zingers on society.

Rating: 3.5/5

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