Movie Review: Before I Self Destruct: The Movie (2009)

Rapper Curtis Jackson (aka "50 Cent") writes, directs, and stars in "Before I Self Destruct: The Movie," a film that's released with his last rap album for Interscope Records.

The film shows the life of Clarence (played by 50 Cent), a young man who struggles to make ends meet in the inner-city. With his dreams of becoming a basketball player ruined and being a high school drop-out, Clarence could only make living working as a lowly grocery helper. Life for him was bearable until his life is further consumed by the streets when tragedy strikes his family further. He is driven to a life of crime as he has to support and protect his younger brother Shocka.

I believe 50 Cent has enough life experiences to draw from to create this film. But "Before I Self Destruct" is a bit raw and has a plenty of rough edges, but the movie has an indie feel to it and it's a very honest depiction of life on the streets. The film also utilizes 50 Cent's music fully in the soundtrack.

I'm willing to cut 50 Cent some slack since this is his directorial debut, but folks who aren't into the street culture may find Before I Self Destruct: The Movie unfamiliar territory.

Rating: 3/5

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