Movie Review: In My Life (2009)

Here's a list: Vilma Santos, John Lloyd Cruz and Luis Manzano. Here's a question: Who's the odd one out? (Hint: it's not Vilma Santos nor John Lloyd Cruz.)

In My Life is Star Cinema's major drama flick this year and it is the story of a complex friendship of a gay man and the mother of his partner. Vilma Santos plays Shirley Templo (Yes, that's her character's name) and she is an Flipino-American who had spent her life in the Philippines as a librarian. Feeling left out by her estranged family, she decices to move out of her comfort zone and to go to New York City with be with her son Mark (Luis Manzano),who had settled in with a good job and relationship with Noel (John Lloyd Cruz). Noel becomes the "babysitter" of Shirley as she struggles to knows New York and her son whom she has drifted away from.

Like most of her films, Vilma brought the dramatic goods-- from being irritated with the life in New York to a melodramatic mom. John Lloyd and Luis (who is the son of Vilma in real life) do their best to keep up but I feel they didn't show they were comfortable in their roles as gay men in a relationship. The worst offender was Luis Manzano, who showed he has yet to transcend his VJ and hosting into a higher acting stratosphere.

All in all, In My Life has its poignant moments, especially tapping into the loneliness and hardship of a Filipino working abroad. Too bad the glaringly weak performance of Luis Manzano got in the way.

Rating: 3/5

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