Movie Review: Before The Fall (3 Días) (2008)

I was only able to catch one film at the recently concluded Greenbelt 3 leg of Película, the Spanish film festival. While I heard that there were great film in the festival, I could say I'm pleased with the film I caught.

Before the Fall (Known in Spain as "3 Días") is not like most "End of the World" movies I've seen in the past-- It's edgy, unforgiving, and dark. Optimism is hard to come by and I think the the main protagonist is an authentic anti-hero.

Alejandro (Victor Clavijo)  is a shy handy man with lots of issues. He lives with his mother whom he thinks disapproves of him, he loves a girl who is pregnant, and he hangs out with the wrong crowd. But when it was learned that the world will end in three days due to a meteor colliding with the planet Earth, Alejandro is forced to step up and be a strong man for his family. He struggles mightily as he has never been a person of responsibility in the past.

F. Javier Gutiérrez tries to make this film very different-- it doesn't focus on heroism, but rather how people react instinctively to threats. The threats in lives of Alejandro and his family comes in different forms and the drama and tension comes from how they deal with them.

Before the Fall is a tension-filled movie that I'm glad I watched in the Película Spanish film festival.

Rating: 4/5

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