Movie Review: Ang Beerhouse (The Beerhouse) (2009)

Jon Red's entry to the Cinemanila film festival, Ang Beerhouse (The Beerhouse) is one intoxicating indie film.

Set in Manila, the film is about a the coming together of  an unlikely couple, a bar girl/dancer and a street food vendor, in the unlikeliest of places, the eponymous beer house. Noynoy (played by Ryan Eigenmann) and his friend Brad dream of being customers at The Red Light Beerhouse and when they save up enough money from selling street food across the street, they have the time of their lives. But Noynoy eventually finds something else-- he finds the opportunity to be with the girl of his dreams, a resident bar girl named Jewel (played by a very sexy, but drab Gwen Garci).

Similar to Ewan McGregor's character in Moulin Rouge, Noynoy sets of a scheme to liberate Jewel from the beer house but gets himself entangled in the shady web of pimps, drug lords, and prostitutes. The film winds up with a very ironic ending. Commercial/traditional film fans may dislike the edgy feel and the loud soundtrack of Filipino rock songs. But John Red does put nice touches in exposing the underbelly of a neighborhood beer house.

The Beerhouse does have its share of saucy scenes and exposes a lot of skin (especially Gwen Garci) but the story is likeable enough with good acting by Ryan Eigenmann.

Rating: 3.5/5