3 Movies This Year I'm Thankful For

This is the day we take a step back and say "Thank You" to the folks we are grateful for.

As I've blogged about this before, October 20 has been designated as National Thank You Day and this may actually be a national holiday by next year. Initiated by Toblerone, the National Thank You Day is meant to give people some time to say a little "Thank you."

So who am I grateful to? Of course there's my family and girlfriend. Also, a big thanks is in order for my friends and colleagues. :)

Apart from the people in my life, there are some movies this year I'm thankful for:
  • District 9 - My sleeper hit of 2009. I loved the sci-fi mixed with a social allegory.
  • Drag Me to Hell - This is one of the horror movies I really liked this year
  • Star Trek - Arguably the most enjoyable movie of 2009 for me so far
So, to the people and movies, thank you! :D