Toblerone Hopes to Inspire Filipinos to Say "Thank You" Every October 20

Next year, October 20 will be more than just an ordinary day  in the Philippines if Toblerone gets its way.

Toblerone launched the National Thank You Day Philippines at the Fiamma Bar in Jupiter Street, Makati City last September 22, 2009 and one of the major announcements is the bill in Congress that aims to declare October 20 as the National Thank You Day and have as an official working holiday. (If you're wondering, yes, you'd still need to go to work or school that day.)

I had a chat with Kraft Foods Category Marketing Manager Elio Machillanda and he said that they are working with Las Piñas Congresswoman Cynthia Villar to push the bill into law. He shared that this was their company's commitment in continuing the spirit of gratitude of the first National Thank You Day they initiated a few years ago.

According to Mr. Machillanda, the National Thank You Day is an open celebration for all. I asked him if Kraft's competitors like Unilever or Nestlé are welcome to join, he said 'yes' and he was certain that other companies would follow Toblerone's leadership on this event. He is also certain that by October 20, 2010, the law to declare that day as National Thank You Day has already been passed.