Movie Review: The Ugly Truth (2009)

The Ugly Truth is a "battle of the sexes" movie that tries to be the best of both worlds-- a raunchy comedy for the guys and a sensitive romance for the ladies. But after watching the movie, I felt the two facets of the movie were quite incompatible like a vegetarian and a butcher on a blind date.

The film features two specimens that represent the aspects of the male and female dichotomy: Gerard Butler is a foul-mouthed, sex-crazy television host and Kathering Heigl is a details-oriented and romance-obsessed television producer. The two get to work on a morning show where Mike Chadway (played by Gerard Butler), talks about "The Ugly Truth"-- Mike's view on how men views relationships and they often involve looks and sex.  Initially, Abby Richter (played by Katherine Heigl) detests the raunchy and profanity-laden truisms of Mike but she then grows to accept it once she tries the pieces of advice herself.

The film had a great start-- there was good mix of humor that I though men and women could relate to. I even thought that the film had the potential to be a "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" rom-com sleeper. But once the film hit the second half, it went all gooey and it lost its edge. The humor and romance were far and between and it fell to the trap of going with clich├ęs to resolve the conflicts.

The Ugly Truth does play on gender and romance stereotypes to satisfy the audience and try to stand above the rest of the rom-coms out there. But the truth is, the film is pretty average and formulaic.

Rating: 2.5