Movie Review: Surrogates (2009)

In the world of Surrogates, 98% of all people are living their lives through robots (or "Surrogates"), away from harm and diseased. But what happens when one person dies while connected to his Surrogate? This tragedy kicks off the chain of events that will have a tremendous effect on mankind and robot-kind on a global scale.

And stuck in the middle of this? Bruce Willis as Lt. Tom Greer.

While lacking the high-octane action of Die Hard, it has a deeper story that is an allegory to mankind's dependence on technology. Also, this vicarious living is taken to the extreme-- the Surrogates are "perfect
 version of the operators. From the looks, gender, and abilities, the surrogates can be seen as "superproxies" to humans in daily life.

The movie is quite entertaining sci-fi, but I think it would have been more enjoyable if it didn't stumble towards the end. Surrogates is an interesting graphic novel adaptation, but far from the likes of Watchmen and 300.

Rating: 3/5